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Watch Jackie Morris and James Mayhew ask each other 5 questions about creating the world of Mrs Noah.

James Mayhew takes you inside

Mrs Noah's Garden and shows you how he made the illustrations.

Why not download some Mrs Noah's Garden Colouring Sheets?

Mrs Noah's Garden is written by Jackie Morris and illustrated by James Mayhew. It is available now from our online shop. To find out more click on the cover.

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Grab a pen and some paper and illustrator Anne Wilson will show you how you how to draw the platypus from Invisible Nature, written by Catherine Barr

Can you draw the pangolin too?

The Pangolin comes from Red Alert, also written by Catherine Barr.

Find out more about both books by clicking on their covers.


You could try your hand at poetry!

The Poet Paul Cookson takes you on poetry creation journey and reads some animal poems from There's a Crocodile in the House.

Liz Million the Illustrator of There's a Crocodile in the house shows you how to draw all sorts of carrot shaped animals.


To find out more about There's a Crocodile in the House, by Paul Cookson and illustrated by Liz Million, click on the cover!


Colouring Sheets from The Wonderful World of Clothes by Emma Damon



Jane Porter reads Brian the Brave


Jane Newberry read from Big Green Crocodile


Niki Daly reads A Gold Star and a Kiss for Lolo

You can download a Lolo activity sheet here

Mary Murphy reads Only A Tree Knows How To Be A Tree


Dianne Hofmeyr reads Tiger Walk


Jonathan Emmett reads How the Borks Became.


Time for a Rhyme!

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Book Trailers


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