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32 pages

Pub Date

Oct 3, 2018



Age 4+


Saving Our Wild World

By Brian Moses
Illustrated by Bee Willey

A beautiful picture book that will inspire young children to seek a more environmentally friendly world.

'I dreamt I was a whale and no hunters chased after me…
I dreamt I was a rainforest and no one felled a single tree…'

One child dreams of a world where wild creatures are safe and free to roam, where water is clean and air is pure.

This inspirational picture book is a call to all of us to stand up for the future of our planet and help to save our WILD WORLD.



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"A beautifully written and illustrated picture book about a world where we all care for each other, for animals, plants and places. It will be inspirational for young children and for adults as they see just how the world is changing."

Books Go Walk About

"Carefully crafted minimalist words create a frisson of anticipation of what may be happening to the idealistic natural world so well portrayed."

School Librarian

"This lyrical book is a child's dream of a world where nobody harms wild creatures and where water is unpolluted and the air is pure. "I dreamt I was a whale... and no hunters chased after me. I dreamt I was a seal... and no one wanted fur from me.' This inspirational picture book is a call to all of us to stand up for the future of our planet and help to save our wild world. The magical pictures take us right into the child's dream world - on the first page, his bed floats on a sea filled with beauty. Each picture is a work of art, reflecting our wonderful world and all that lives on and in it; look at all the detail and use the pictures and text as the basis for discussion."

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Brian Moses


Brian Moses is one of Britain’s favourite children’s poets and he is featured on the National Poetry Archive. He has written more than 200 books and has sold over 1 million of his poetry books and anthologies. He began writing poems when he realised he would never be a rock star! ‘I put the guitar to one side, but the songs carried on and became poems’. He has now performed his poetry and percussion show in over three thousand schools across the UK and Europe. His poetry books include Behind the Staffroom Door: The Very Best of Brian Moses, A Cat Called Elvis and The Monster Sale. He lives in Burwash, East Sussex. Brian blogs regularly about his work:

Bee Willey


Bee Willey was born in central London but later moved to France where she spent most of her childhood. She travelled around the world at the age of 6, stopping off to draw even then. She has illustrated many fiction covers and picture books for children including the acclaimed Edward Lear’s Nonsense Rhymes and The Wooden Dragon. She was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award for her stunning illustrations for Bob Robber and Dancing Jane by Andrew Matthews. She draws, paints and uses mixed media and collage in many of her works to build up atmosphere around the characters. She teaches on the Illustration Degree course in Norwich University of the Arts.


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