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32 pages

Pub Date

Sep 11, 2019



Age 4+

Fiddle Dee Dee!

By Dianne Hofmeyr
Illustrated by Piet Grobler

A lively traditional tale from South Africa celebrating the joy of music and dancing

'Fiddle dee dee! What do I see?
A musical bow!
Lucky monkey! Lucky me!
Luckiest monkey in the whole country.'

Monkey is delighted to find a musical bow and plays it happily until he attracts the attention of Cheetah and Lion. They both want the bow for themselves, but once Monkey starts to play, no-one can stop dancing - even if they want to!



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"In her usual animated fashion with plenty of dialogue, Dianne Hofmeyr has refashioned this folk tale from the African continent that is a lively read aloud. Grobler's scratchy characters are a mix of endearing humour and downright scariness. They certainly snare the attention...each scene offers a wealth of quirky detail to pore over."

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Piet Grobler


Piet Grobler is a South African illustrator and teacher of illustrators, Visiting Professor of Illustration at Worcester University. He is also the co-founder of the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society and has acted as jury member in the BIB competition (Slovakia), the NAMI concours (South Korea) and the Chen Bochui Children's Book Award (China). He has illustrated 86 books, of which 7 were written by himself. His awards include The South African Katrine Harries Award (three times); a Golden Apple at the Biennale for Illustration in Bratislava, Slovakia; two silver medals in the NOMA concours, Japan; the Children's Africana Book Award (USA) and the Octagone de Chêne, France.

Dianne Hofmeyr


Dianne Hofmeyr grew up on the southern tip of Africa and was an art and ceramics teacher. She lives in central London with her family nearby. Journeys to faraway places like China, Siberia and Senegal often inspire the thread of her stories and her shelves overflow with notebooks, maps and scraps of paper. Her picture books are translated into many languages. The Magic Bojabi Tree, illustrated by Piet Grobler, was nominated for the 2014 Kate Greenaway Award and Zeraffa Giraffa, illustrated by Jane Ray, was chosen by the Sunday Times for the Top 100 Children’s Classics List.


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