Winner of the UCLan STEAM book prize (Early Years) 2019
Shortlisted for the Premio Andersen








May 2, 2018

Pub Date



Age 5+

How The Borks Became

An Adventure in Evolution

By Jonathan Emmett
Illustrated by Elys Dolan

A gentle and humorous way of introducing the concept of evolution to young children.

Borks live on a planet quite like our own Earth. They have shaggy yellow fur and long thin necks. But once they had short blue fur and almost no necks at all.

How could this happen? Well, it didn't come about all at once ...

Jonathan Emmett tells a delightful story in verse about the Borks and all the things that happened to make them gradually look quite different, while still remaining Borks. And by the end of the story, the reader will have a very good notion of how Evolution by natural selection works.


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"A funny, accessible introduction to the concept of evolution and natural selection, using the fantastical creature of the Planet Charlebob. Dolan’s pictures are a riot."

Fiona Noble - The Bookseller


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Elys Dolan


Elys is a multi-award winner, including the 2019 STEAM Prize (Best Early Years Book) for How the Borks Became, and the Lollies Prize 2018 for Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory. As well as practising illustration, she teaches it at the Cambridge School of Art. She lives in Cambridgeshire.

Jonathan Emmett


Jonathan Emmett was born in Leicester and studied architecture at Nottingham University. He has written over 60 books for children. Jonathan lives in Nottingham. He has a special video show on How the Borks Became, the book that explains the concept of evolution by natural selection in a way that children see instantly and helps even grown-ups to understand.


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