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48 pages

Pub Date

May 8, 2019



Age 7+

Me and Mrs Moon

By Helen Bate

A powerful graphic novel illustrating the strength of relationships across the generations and gently introducing the theme of dementia

Maisie and Dylan love Mrs Moon. She picks them up from school every day and they have great fun together. But then things start to get strange: a coat without sleeves, old socks as Christmas decorations, a missing dog, an imaginary folk band…

The children want to help, but what should they do for the best?

Love, loyalty and resilience shine through this powerful graphic story of two children determined to help their friend, Mrs Moon.



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"Helen Bate does a marvellous job showing what it is like for children who are close to someone with dementia. Funny, yet serious, sobering yet inspiring, this book is a truly fantastic resource for families, schools and every library in the land."

Tessa Strickland - Carousel

"Helen Bate has created a thoughtful, empathetic graphic novel about the impact of dementia on its victims and those who love them...a beautiful, convincing story."

Book Wagon

"A rare and potentially significant book. Its importance lies in the way the concept of dementia confronts these children."

Dr Rebecca Butler - IBBY


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Helen Bate

Author and Illustrator

Helen Bate is an exciting and versatile children's writer and illustrator. Her picture book ABC UK by James Dunn was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal. In her early life Helen studied architecture and spent ten years working as an architect. Following a career change she went on to obtain a 1st Class degree in Children's Illustration. By 2014 she was the winner of the People's Book Prize, Best Achievement Award, for her innovative work with Pictures to Share C.I.C, a Social Enterprise publishing illustrated books for people with dementia. Helen lives in Shropshire.


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