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32 pages

Pub Date

Apr 5, 2017



Age 4+

Six Blind Mice And An Elephant

By Jude Daly

A warm, inspiring story about the whole being more than the sum of its parts, based on a classic Indian fable.

One day a tired old elephant plods out of the forest and falls asleep in a farmer's barn. Amid the ensuing commotion, six curious blind mice enter the fray:

'... An elephant is like a wall,' says the oldest mouse, as he falls against the elephant's massive, solid side. 'No,' says a younger mouse, touching one of the sharp tusks. 'An elephant is like a spear!'

A tree... a rope... a snake? Each mouse has his or her own interpretation after touching different parts of the elephant. But then the huge creature awakes - and only then is the full wonder of his being revealed.

Based on a classic Indian fable, Jude Daly's new picture book, set in the South African countryside, is an inspiring, multi-layered allegory



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"Beautifully told and imaginatively illustrated, this book should be in all primary schools."

Books for Keeps 5 star review

"An unusual and thought-provoking book which shows we should never take things for granted."

Parents in Touch

"Perfect for discussion with early years or primary children....Glowing African light radiates from every one of the illustrations."

Red Reading Hub


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Jude Daly

Author and Illustrator

Jude Daly has illustrated over 20 books, a few of which she also wrote. She has been awarded the Katrine Harries Award (SA) for Illustration twice, a silver and a gold Parent’s Choice Award (USA) and more recently Thank You Jackson, written by Niki Daly (Frances Lincoln) was named by IBBY (US) as one of their outstanding international books for 2016. Born in London, Jude Daly now lives with her husband, the writer and illustrator Niki Daly, in the coastal village of Kleinmond, South Africa


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