The Creature

By Helen Bate

A funny, imaginative story about acceptance and tolerance.

"It was cold, it was wet, it was trembling and hairy. But then it awoke... Growling and SCARY!"

No one is expecting the Creature. It arrives, makes itself at home with the children and becomes part of the family, however hard they try to get rid of it! Until one day it makes a nest on the top bunk and goes very quiet... What could be going on?




Age 3+

Oct 4, 2017





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"A lovely salute to community, embracing even the stinkiest member...with bonhomie. the artwork is a gripping mix of shadows and striking elements of colour. Curiouser and curiouser - and altogether a pleasure to experience."



"At the heart of this book there is a story of empathy and acceptance, of knowing that not everything is familiar and that this is not always a bad thing...In world that is turning in on itself, one that is showing worrying signs of becoming insular and unwelcoming, it is books like these that will help children to become well-rounded, welcoming people."



"A strong message of sharing and acceptance of the unfamiliar with striking and imaginative illustrations"


Helen Bate

Author and Illustrator

Helen Bate is an exciting and versatile children's writer and illustrator. Her picture book ABC UK by James Dunn was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal. In her early life Helen studied architecture and spent ten years working as an architect. Following a career change she went on to obtain a 1st Class degree in Children's Illustration. By 2014 she was the winner of the People's Book Prize, Best Achievement Award, for her innovative work with Pictures to Share C.I.C, a Social Enterprise publishing illustrated books for people with dementia. Helen lives in Shropshire.


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