What's That Noise?

By Naomi Howarth

Magnus the seal and his Arctic friends are all puzzled by a strange sound... They realise that it is only Magnus' rumbling tummy, but then there's another rumble - what's that noise?!

'What's that noise?
Could it be the creaking of the trees?
Or the whistling of the wind?
Or the cracking of the ice?'

One morning Magnus the seal is wakened by a strange, rumbling sound and he sets off across the Artic plains to ask his friends what could be making the noise…. Hare, Owl, Fox and Polar Bear all try to help, but it is clever Walrus who may have the answer! Set in the Arctic, with beautiful illustrations, this is a funny and delightful picture book – perfect for reading aloud.




Age 3+

Oct 9, 2019





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"Beautiful...the pictures are just perfect and Magnus (which, by the way, is THE best name for a seal) is so wonderfully expressive, you can't help but fall in love."

Let Them Be Small - Book of the Week


"A stunning picture book that reads well aloud. It would be a popular addition to any primary school library or classroom."

The English Association


"Naomi Howarth's gently humorous telling, with its simplicity and repeat pattern, has the feel of a folk tale, while her watercolour illustrations are outstandingly gorgeous."

Red Reading Hub

Naomi Howarth

Author and Illustrator

Naomi Howarth is a designer as well as a gifted illustrator, Naomi is a graduate of the London College of Fashion and has her own line of homeware products. She lives in London.


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