"It took me a long time to review this book – because once I’d read all the poems, I had to go back and read them again. And I think that is what will happen to every reader."

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I Will Not Wear Pink

In dining halls of long ago

When dinosaurs sat down to dine,

Did prehistoric dinner-ladies

Keep them all in line?


What’s the REAL reason the dinosaurs died out? Can anyone rescue Class 3 from the wild dinner-ladies? And what will happen when Class 2M meet a lion?


An hilarious debut collection of poems from the author of the bestselling Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face books.

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Dinosaurs & Dinner-Ladies
Dinosaurs & Dinner-Ladies

Books for Keeps gives Dinosaurs & Dinner-ladies 5 stars

Although a small book, Dinosaurs and Dinner Ladies is packed with a variety of very engaging poems on a wide range of themes.

IBBY Reviews Dinosaurs & Dinner-ladies

Dougherty’s inventive use of language, and with each poem different enough to keep a young reader interested, there is plenty here to capture a child’s imagination. And Tom Morgan-Jones’s cartoon-like illustrations are fun too.

Otter-Barry Poetry recommended in INIS Best Books of 2016 Reading Guide

Dinosaurs & Dinner-ladiesAdder, Bluebell, Lobster  and Zim Zam Zoom! have all been recommended in the INIS Best Books of 2016 Reading Guide.


Adder, Bluebell, Lobster: 'playful, energetic and always tongue-in cheek , this offers the perfect introduction to poetry …. Chrissie Gittins lets her words and ideas dance from the page – she even allows parsnips to twinkle!'

Zim Zam Zoom!  Zappy Poems to Read Out Loud: 'The excellent full-page illustrations are just as zappy as the poems.'

Poetry list featured in The Bookseller

Read about the launch of our poetry list in the Bookseller, including this year's titles: Adder, BlueBell, Lobster and Dinosaurs & Dinner-ladies.

Fantastic Fiction recommends Dinosaurs & Dinner-ladies

A funny and brilliant debut collection from the author of the bestselling Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face series.

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96 pages : Age 7+


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