A highly original 1 to 10 counting book that celebrates diversity and encourages empathy in very young children


Exploring themes of migration, refuge and acceptance, it gently follows a family’s journey to a new home. Along the way, kindness, generosity and sharing are the order of the day!

By Hollis Kurman

Illustrated by Barroux

HB original £11.99  July 20

250x250mm  32pp

Age 2+


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HOLLIS KURMAN is an innovative poet and writer, and an active participant in social causes on both sides of the Atlantic. Chair of the Ivy Circle Board NL, Supervisory Board member of Save the Children NL, a founder of the Human Rights Watch Netherlands Committee, and a member of the HRW Global Women’s Rights Advisory Council, Hollis lives in Amsterdam with her husband and two children.


BARROUX has a world reputation. From the 2005 Prix Enfantasie to the English PEN Award and the Prix Médecins Sans Frontières in 2015, he has won many international honours. Born in Paris, he grew up in Morocco and is author and illustrator of many books, published all over the world. He lives in Paris.


From reviews of Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses...


In simple, appropriate, accessible terms, Hello: A Counting Book of Kindnesses, helps today's children understand the welcome that tomorrow's refugees will need.

- Ken Roth. Executive Director, Human Rights Watch

May this wonderful, simple book have wings to fly and melt the hearts that doubt its message.

- Rosemary Wells

May this book challenge and inspire us to change our attitude, to open our eyes to the kindness around us, and to be kind ourselves.

- Petra Katzenstein. Head of the Children's Museum & Special Projects at the

Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam 

I can imagine teachers using this book to stimulate meaningful dialogue about child refugees and foster empathy for those who go through such challenging experiences.

- Sarah Grace. Head of Lower School and Associate Director for Teaching and Learning at the International School of Amsterdam.

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activity notes by Hollis and Barroux

Q&A with Hollis Kurman and Barroux

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