"One of the most beautiful picture books of the year."

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"A story with quiet magic and beauty."

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"Truly heart-warming."



Inuit girl Immi finds a wooden bird at the end of her fishing line, and every day after that she discovers something new, until her igloo is the brightest thing in the land. But where are these mysterious gifts coming from, and who is sending them? Hope and friendship echo across continents in this beautiful, timeless tale.


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The Scottish Book Trust recommends Immi

Immi, by Karin Littlewood is recommended by the Scottish Book Trust.

Dyslexia Action recommends Immi

Immi, by Karin Littlewood is recommended by Dyslexia Action

IBBY review Immi

This heart-warming tale is therefore one that is likely to make an impact, one that is also helped by the stunning use of colours that make every spread a sheer visual delight for readers. Overall, an unusual story that explores friendship and gifts – highly suitable for one to five year-olds – with the quality and ideas to be enjoyed over many readings. 

Karin Littlewood at work

Watch Karin Littlewood, creator of Immi at work as she talk about her creative process in this short film by Pop-Up.

Reading Zone reviews Immi

T​his is such a lovely book about the joy of both giving and receiving gifts and the pleasure in sharing those gifts with other.

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PB : £6.99

275 x 245mm

32 pages : Age 4+


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