The Jackie Morris Phenomenon

Jackie Morris's wikipedia entry describes her as "British writer and illustrator", but in fact she is a phenomenon. Many books, written by her, illustrated by her, or both written and illustrated by her, testify to a truly remarkable talent in creative work with both words and images.

This page gives you details of Jackie Morris books published by Otter-Barry, a little information about Jackie, and a link to her blog, which has a deservedly large and devoted following.

Photo credits above and right: Davina and Christopher Jelley: Author Jackie gives a reading; Artist Jackie at work, in their studio at Number 7, Dulverton, Devon.

As an illustrator, she starts from the inside of things, not their external appearance; in one interview she said, "I am trying to catch a bit of the soul of the thing, be it a bluebell, a wren, or a stone" (Toast Magazine, February 2018). As a writer, she understands the need for the text to accommodate an illustrator:

"You have to leave space for the other creative person to step into. When writing and painting come together there's a special synergy which happens, that's where beauty is found in picture books and that's why the Kate Greenaway Medal is so important."

Shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2016, Jackie won it, as the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal, in 2019

Jackie lives on the Pembrokeshire coast, near St Davids, perhaps the ideal location for someone so sensitively and intensely in touch with the natural world. Our range of books by her embraces books illustrated by Jackie, written by Jackie, and both written and illustrated by Jackie, all on themes close to her heart. The next to come is Mrs Noah's Garden (May 2020), written by Jackie and illustrated by James Mayhew, a fine successor to their first Mrs Noah book, Mrs Noah's Pockets. We suspect that there is a good deal of Jackie in Mrs Noah, or perhaps vice versa. And in September 2020 comes Classic Nursery Rhymes, a magnificent new edition of the collection first published in 2011 as The Cat and the Fiddle, which has been unavailable for several years.

Jackie and Robert Macfarlane, co-authors of the celebrated The Lost Words, also contributed the beautiful peregrine-themed endpapers to our very special book Migrations: Open Hearts, Open Borders.

And a new Mrs Noah book is coming in May 2020: look out for more news to come about Mrs Noah's Garden – and a picture preview!

Jackie Morris's books are available from all good bookshops. All her titles are stocked by Solva Woollen Mill, Pembrokeshire:

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