‘This looks sensational. A playful counting book decorated by some truly beautiful creatures.'

Fiona Noble, The Bookseller

I Will Not Wear Pink

HB : £12.99

220 x 220mm

32 pages : All Ages


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One Cheetah One Cherry
One Cheetah One Cherry
One Cheetah One Cherry
One Cheetah One Cherry

One Cheetah, One Cherry

Jackie Morris

One cherry, one cheetah

Two dogs, two balls, one big, one small

Three bears, three bowls, three silver spoons


With playful words and beautiful animal paintings, this spectacular counting book features numbers up to ten in words and numerals, illustrated in watercolour, with gold and silver leaf, and including elephants, tigers, swans, mice and more

One Cheetah, One Cherry recommended by Dianne Hofmeyr

One Cheetah, One Cherry recommended by Dianne Hofmeyr on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure

English 4-11 reviews One Cheetah, One Cherry recommended by Dianne Hofmeyrin Summer Issue

"Morris brings her painterly eye to the illustrations which in themselves demand close and lingering attention. The lyrical quality of the prose is the perfect accompaniment to the paintings. This is a really rich text in every sense of the word, with so much potential to support early language work and number development." 

School Librarian reviews One Cheetah, One Cherry

"The pictures are gorgeous, full of small details which you pick up on a second or third reading. The detail is exquisite and the wording is playful and easy to read aloud. The end papers are stunning … A playful lyrical text and striking images make this a spectacular counting book."

IBBY Link reviews One Cheetah, One Cherry

A gorgeous counting book that brings animals and numbers together in exotic combinations. 

BookTrust reviews One Cheetah, One Cherry

If you like your books beautiful and your adding up to be aesthetically pleasing, then this is the publication for you. The sumptuous illustrations will make teaching little ones their sums a treat for parents and carers. Meanwhile, the bouncy rhyme and absorbing wording will keep kids interested in the additions.

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