Six Blind Mice and an Elephant

Six Blind Mice and an Elephant

Jude Daly

One day a tired old elephant plods out of the forest and falls asleep in a farmer's barn. Amid the ensuing commotion, six curious blind mice enter the fray:

 '... An elephant is like a wall,' says the oldest mouse, as he falls against the elephant's massive, solid side. 'No,' says a younger mouse, touching one of the sharp tusks. 'An elephant is like a spear!'

A tree... a rope... a snake? Each mouse has his or her own interpretation after touching different parts of the elephant. But then the huge creature awakes - and only then is the full wonder of his being revealed.

Based on a classic Indian fable, Jude Daly's retelling gets a new dimension in its South African countryside setting.

Book for Keeps gives Six Blind Mice and an Elephant 5 stars

"Beautifully told and imaginatively illustrated, this book should be in all primary schools."

Copy Of -Read it Daddy reviews Six Blind Mice and an Elephant

"A lovely new treatment of a traditional Indian folk tale, retold beautifully by Jude Daly...We rather like the nice ending that Jude has written for this story - which you'll discover by dipping into this wonderful book. Otter-Barry Books seem to have an eye for publishing some really gorgeous stories that break away from the usual mundane stuff, and this lovely little fable is sure to impress."

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Six Blind Mice and an Elephant
Six Blind Mice and an Elephant

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HB: April 2017  £11.99

240 X 240mm  32pp

Age 4+


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Six Blind Mice and an Elephant
Six Blind Mice and an Elephant

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