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"Skilfully told with a nicely curved poignancy. Binch’s illustrations are as clear and zinging as a blast of ozone-filled breeze."

The Princess and the Castle

The Princess and the Castle

Genevieve loves to play at being a princess, and she longs to visit the castle across the bay. But ever since the day her dad was lost at sea, she’s afraid to go near the water.

Then along comes Mum’s new friend Cedric. Maybe Princess Genevieve will be able to go to her castle after all.


PB : £6.99

295 x 250mm  32 pages 

Age 4+


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The Princess and the Castle

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The Princess and the Castle
The Princess and the Castle
The Princess and the Castle

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"The illustrations are just superb - each one is a miniature work of art, expressive and full of emotion. The subject matter, of loss and of rebuilding a family unit, is skilfully told and the book has an overwhelmingly positive message." 

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