"I love this story, which is beautifully illustrated by Jane Porter - she depicts all the birds for us so well, and they are utterly delightful."

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Wings! PB

The sky is full of birds and ALL of them are SWOOPING AND SOARING… except Penguin.


“I wish I could fly!” says Penguin sadly.


Owl, Parrot and the other birds try their best to help, but NOTHING seems to get their friend off the ground! How can Penguin achieve his deepest desire, and fly?

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New in PB: August 2017


275 x 240mm

32 pages: 3+

HB : £11.99

275 x 240mm

40 pages : Age 3+

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School Librarian reviews Wings!

"The artwork in this book is wonderful…an inspiring picture book that focuses on friendship, team work and building self-esteem."

Wings! picked by Chris Riddell in Guardian Christmas round-up

"This heart-warming picture book shows children that everyone has something they’re good at. It’s simply a matter of finding what it is"

Books for Keeps reviews Wings!

"Deliciously funny artfully constructed collage style pictures."

IBBY Reviews Wings!

Wings is a very colourful book that is essentially about friendship, team work and building self-esteem. This delightful story of Penguin who yearns to fly is told with humorous text and lovely multi-coloured collages. It is amusing and lively while imparting the information so that it will appeal to adults and children alike.

Wings! reviewed in Angels and Urchins Christmas edition

"Beautiful collage illustrations in a warm-hearted story about a  penguin who can't fly. The other birds help him realise that he is destined for different things.  P78

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