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Great New Books for Autumn 2019

As winter approaches, we publish a wonderful Arctic picture book
by Naomi Howarth:

What's That Noise?

Magnus the seal is wakened by a strange noise. What can it be? His Arctic friends are puzzled, until clever Walrus finds the answer. A lovely comic story with superb illustrations of Arctic wildlife, and an informative fact-spread at the end.


Published October 10, £11.99


Migrations: Open Hearts,
Open Borders

It's the most highly-praised and talked-about giftbook of the year. Click the button below to find out why. 

Latest News, 3 October: Migrations is on the shortlist for 'Most Beautiful Book of the Year' in the Books Are My Bag Readers Awards. Help make it fly high! #migrationsbook


Hardback, £9.99   9781910959800

Great South African writer Niki Daly has created an enchanting new heroine in these two story collections, with more to come. Children everywhere will engage with Lolo and her everyday adventures. Paperback originals at only £6.99 (UK), they make ideal early readers.

Red Reading Hub says: "Both titles have four stories each just the right length to consume in a single sitting … lots of gentle humour that will win Lolo lots of friends among young readers" https://redreadinghub.blog/2019/08/08/some-recent-young-fiction/

Here Comes Lolo 9781910959770; Hooray for Lolo 9781910959695

Niki has designed this super poster for the Lolo books. Link up with him on social media: on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/DalyNiki

and on Facebook at: https://facebook.com/LOLO-112943040057477/?modalX

 Latest on Niki Daly – he is a nominee for the 2020 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award: the world's prime award for children's book authors
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