Is it a Mermaid?

By Candy Gourlay
Illustrated by Francesca Chessa

As seen on Milkshake TV, this warm-hearted, sun-drenched story is about kindness and friendship – with a touch of magic

“I AM A BEAUTIFUL MERMAID!” declares the Dugong, and she shows Benji and Bel her mermaid tail (rather big) and her mermaid singing (very bad). Is she really just a “sea-cow” – or could the Dugong be a mermaid after all?

HB £11.99




Age 3+

Apr 4, 2018





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"Is it a Mermaid? has been a highlight this year and has had many joyous readings as we have shared it endlessly with the new baby in the family. Beautifully illustrated by Francesca Chessa...the story is full of humorous touches."

Dr Pam Dix, Chair of IBBY UK


"Francesca Chessa's illustrations are colourful and the characters lively and sympathetic. Together, author and illustrator show that we need to be respectful of people's feelings, and perhaps let them be what they want to be."



"The colourful collage style illustrations by Francesca Chessa are extraordinarily beautiful and suffused with a variety of rich blues and greens… I can guarantee that you will be able to feel the sunshine and hear the waves crashing as you immerse yourself in the beautiful pictures. And you will never think about mermaids in quite the same way again."

Letter Press Project

Francesca Chessa


Francesca Chessa has illustrated over 40 books with publishers all over the world, including Library Lily and Elliot’s Arctic Surprise. She lives in Turin, Italy, where she runs art workshops for children and adults.

Candy Gourlay


Candy Gourlay was born in Davao City in the Philippines and was a campaigning journalist before becoming a children's writer. As readers of Is It a Mermaid? will know (or discover) the Filipino landscape and beaches, and the experiences of Filipino children, are a strong source of inspiration for her. She now lives in the UK.


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