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32 pages

Pub Date

Oct 12, 2022



Age 4+

Please, Mr Magic Fish

By Jessica Souhami

A beautifully told folk-tale exploring the theme of greediness.

One amazing day, Jack catches a Magic Fish…

“If you free me,” says the fish, “I’ll grant your dearest wish!”

Jack and his wife Liz can’t believe their luck when the Magic Fish gives them a pretty little cottage, but soon they are asking for more… and more – even a palace. And they forget to say thank you!

Now the sea rages and the Magic Fish is angry! Find out what happens next, in this spellbinding tale about the dangers of being too greedy!



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"A charming retelling on an old folk tale… There is delightful sense of animation and movement in the pictures. A warm and engaging story to share with young children."

School Librarian

"An absolutely brilliant tale about the dangers of being greedy and the illustrations are excellent in depicting the anger of the fish and it’s a lovely book to share and read aloud. The illustrations and art work by Jessica Souhami are really bright and bold and the silvery sparkle of the fish is fantastic."

Let them be Small

"A wonderful independent and read-aloud story, which children will most definitely love, while learning a lesson or two about the perils of wanting too much!"

Just Imagine


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Jessica Souhami

Author and Illustrator

Jessica Souhami is an acclaimed artist and storyteller whose artwork is inspired by the shadow puppet shows she created and took on tour earlier in her career. She has an international following for her retellings of traditional tales from around the world. Among her books are The Leopard’s Drum, Sausages, Foxy!, and Honk, Honk! Hold Tight! Most recently she has published Please, Mr Magic Fish! and Gerald the Lion. Jessica is a stalwart contributor to The Children’s Bookshow and patron of the Love My Books website ( She lives in North London.


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