Astro Girl

By Ken Wilson-Max

This delightful story brings space travel up close for young children, and has a special surprise ending!

Astrid has always loved the stars and space.

“I want to be an astronaut!” she says.

While Mama is away, Papa and Astrid have fun acting out the challenges an astronaut faces on a space mission – eating food from a tube, doing science experiments, living and sleeping in near-zero gravity. Astrid can do it all!

Then it’s time to meet Mama at the airbase. But where has Mama been?




Age 3+

Jun 5, 2019





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Nominated for CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 20
Winner of the UCLan STEAM book prize (Early Years) 20



"A delightful combination of imaginative play and inspiring role model from a much-loved author-illustrator."

Imogen Russell Williams (Guardian )


"A diverse and aspirational picture book, radiating positivity and parental love...All the elements of this book will be sure to get Early Years children excited. A great read-aloud to the class for those looking for a bit more to discuss."

Just Imagine


"Gorgeously illustrated and beautifully paced, this empowering and heartwarming story delivers a wonderful surprise at the end."

Children's Books Ireland

Ken Wilson-Max

Author and Illustrator

Ken Wilson-Max was born in Zimbabwe. He came to the UK to study design and ended up working in children's publishing. His first book was published in 1993 and since then there have been many, including The Big Yellow Taxi, Little Red Plane, and the Lenny and Max series. As well as being a leading graphic designer, he is the publisher of Chicken! a newspaper which introduces current affairs to primary school children. He spends much time visiting schools and libraries, creating workshops and delivering exhibitions. He calls this "a great part of my job, the place where I learn the most". Ken Wilson Max lives in north London.


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