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96 pages

Pub Date

Aug 5, 2020



Age 6+

Dear Ugly Sisters

And Other Poems

By Laura Mucha
Illustrated by Tania Rex

A debut collection that fizzes with originality and wit.

Original, dazzling and unconventional, here is a first solo collection from an outstanding new voice in children’s poetry. Rich in surprises, with many shape- and puzzle-poems, its themes include science, nature and space. Go on a night flight, have a monster’s lunch, immerse yourself in birdsong. Shout out an Apatosaurus rap before checking out Alexander Fleming’s petri dish. Warm humour and deeper notes of insight and empathy mingle in a wide range of poetic styles and forms, making a spectacular debut from a poet to watch.



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"An outstanding new voice in children's poetry with her debut collection of varied, effervescent and thought-provoking poems."

Books Go Walkabout

"I predict this book will give laughter, thoughts, questions, comfort - and sow the seeds of a love for poetry in any young person who reads it or has it read to them. A must for every library, home and school. BIG recommendation."

Poetry Roundabout

"Fresh and accessible, there are shape poems, haiku, poems constructed for the sheer joy of hearing their words said aloud...a wonderful book."

Red Reading Hub

Explorer Notes for Dear Ugly Sisters


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Laura Mucha


Laura Mucha is an award-winning poet, author and speaker. She has won two international poetry prizes (the Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2016 and the inaugural YorkMix Poems for Children 2019), and her effervescent and thought-provoking poems have been published around the world. She also writes for adults, and her debut book Love Factually/We Need to Talk About Love was published in 2019. Dear Ugly Sisters is her first book for children. Laura lives with her husband and son in London.

Tania Rex


Tania Rex was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania and finds it to be one of the most inspiring cities. She graduated in Graphic Design from Vilnius Academy of art and began her career designing book covers and children’s magazines. She is a full-time illustrator and lives in Vilnius.


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