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32 pages

Pub Date

May 4, 2016



Age 2+

Kangaroo Kisses

By Nandana Dev Sen
Illustrated by Pippa Curnick

“Darling, it’s time for... B E D!”
Not yet!
If I tickle giraffe
she’ll giggle and laugh!
Then I'll brush furry B E A R!
“Please brush your own H A I R!”

This fun and playful book is a lovely mix of fantasy and real life as one mischievous child delays getting ready for bed, and features some much-loved animals along the way.



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"A beautifully written children's books with vivid, bright, colorful illustrations. I would recommend Kangaroo Kisses to any parent who enjoys reading to their kids at night and who has a bedtime routine that they like to instill with their children."

Curling Up with a Good Book

"This colourful beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of an imaginative little girl who is ‘Not yet!’ ready for bed! The story has a good pace as the little girl has a series of adventures. Rhyming couplets give this narrative a sparkly quality with interesting words such as ‘snuggle’, ‘nuzzle’, ‘squeeze’ and ‘tickle’ all standing out in a larger, bold font. This book has many talking points."


"An adorable new picture book written by Nandana Dev Sen and illustrated by Pippa Curnick. Told in a familiar whimsical, rhyming style, Kangaroo Kisses is a short and fun tale perfect for bedtime. Curnick brings colorful and friendly animals to life on the page, and the illustrations are beautiful. I highly recommend this one! Super cute, and definitely and author/illustrator duo to watch."


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Pippa Curnick


Pippa Curnick is a talented young illustrator, winner of the Seven Stories Illustration Competition in 2012. She has worked as a designer for Alison Green Books and is now a freelance designer and illustrator. She enjoys using hand drawn textures and typography and her work is greatly inspired by nature.

Nandana Dev Sen


Nandana Dev Sen is an award-winning actor, writer, and child-rights activist. After studying literature at Harvard and filmmaking at USC, she worked as a book editor, a screenwriter, a short film maker, a poetry translator, and as Princess Jasmine in Disneyland. Nandana grew up in India, England, and America, and has acted in over 20 feature films from all three continents. As an ambassador and advocate, Nandana works closely with children (and grown-ups) at Operation Smile, RAHI (India's first organization for survivors of child sexual abuse), and UNICEF, to promote child protection and to fight against child abuse. Kangaroo Kisses is her debut children's book in the UK. Nandana lives in New York, Kolkata, and London, and has been quoted to say that she loves to "eat, bike, rhyme, dance, and argue."


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