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32 pages

Pub Date

Mar 5, 2020



Age 3+

Only A Tree Knows How To Be A Tree

By Mary Murphy

Only a tree knows how to be a tree. But no two trees are the same. Everything and everyone is different and special. And that applies to YOU too!

In the simplest and most satisfying way, Only a Tree shows young children how each of us is unique and at the same time part of the great and wonderful pattern of life.

This is the best book we know to show children the reality of these rather abstract words 'diversity' and 'inclusivity'.



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"A superb book...showing how we all have a place in the world. A place that only we can uniquely occupy. The book is effortlessly inclusive and shows how we all are individual but part of a bigger whole."

Let them be Small

"The simple text has been hand lettered, and the painterly illustrations include interesting dry textures. Even though many illustrations include tiny details, this will work well for group as well as one-to-one. A simple message delivered effectively."

Kirkus Reviews (US)

"A perfect example of how picture books can open young minds to big philosophical issues. Perfectly paced and pageset, this title will have universal, international appeal."

Achuka - Book of the Day


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Mary Murphy

Author and Illustrator

Mary Murphy is an author-illustrator who specialises in colourful, bold and simple images for younger children. She counts Dick Bruna and Tove Jansson among the authors whom she loved as a child. Mary studied Illustration and Design in Dublin and has an Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication. From 2007 to 2009 she worked in community arts projects in Guatemala. Published across the world, including Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan, her many books include Mouse is Small, Good Night Like This and the I Like it When series, shown on TV's Discovery Channel. Mary Murphy lives in Dublin, Ireland.


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