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275 x 240mm


32 pages

Pub Date

Sep 7, 2023



Age 5+

The Most Famous Rhinoceros

By Dianne Hofmeyr
Illustrated by Simona Mulazzani

A moving and beautiful story inspired by a work of art, Albrecht Dürer's celebrated woodcut print of the rhinoceros sent from India to Portugal in 1515

Princess Beatrix is excited to meet the amazing one-horned creature that has been sent as a gift to her father, the King of Portugal. Could it be a unicorn?

But the new animal is not a unicorn – it’s a rhinoceros called Genda, who has travelled all the way from India, and Beatrix immediately loves him. She becomes Genda’s friend and protector, and is determined to persuade her father the King that this wild creature should be returned to his jungle home.

This poignant story is inspired by the real rhinoceros depicted in 1515 by Albrecht Dürer in his world-famous woodcut, which can still be seen today.


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Dianne Hofmeyr


Dianne Hofmeyr grew up on the southern tip of Africa and was an art and ceramics teacher. She lives in central London with her family nearby. Journeys to faraway places like China, Siberia and Senegal often inspire the thread of her stories and her shelves overflow with notebooks, maps and scraps of paper. Her picture books are translated into many languages. The Magic Bojabi Tree, illustrated by Piet Grobler, was nominated for the 2014 Kate Greenaway Award and Zeraffa Giraffa, illustrated by Jane Ray, was chosen by the Sunday Times for the Top 100 Children’s Classics List.

Simona Mulazzani


Simona Mulazzani is one of Italy's leading children's book illustrators, winner of the Society of Illustrators silver medal, The Italian Andersen Prize and the Emanuele Luzzati Illustration Prize. She lives in Pesaro, Italy.


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