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40 pages

Pub Date

Aug 24, 2022



Age 4+

The Perfect Present

By Petr Horáček

A joyful and beautiful picture book celebrating friendship and sharing.

Tom and Mot are best friends who share a birthday. Tom gives Mot a feather and Mot gives Tom a marble – and these small gifts open up worlds of brilliantly colourful imagination. From the feather comes the most wonderful bird imaginable. From a tiny marble comes a whole beautiful planet, teeming with life. Outside it's raining, but playing with your best friend in the rain is fun! They ride a dinosaur, sail the seven seas and float through the starry Universe. And at the end of their birthday, Tom and Mot discover what is the best present of all - the perfect present...

Simple and profound, this is a picture book to treasure, from a master picture book creator.


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Petr Horáček

Author and Illustrator

Petr Horáček was born in Prague and studied at the Academy of Fine Art. After graduating in 1994, he moved to live in England. His first two picture books were published in 2001, winning the 'Books for Children' Newcomer award. Since then he has won a string of other international prizes and distinctions, including shortlisting for the Independent Booksellers Week book award in 2016 for The Mouse Who Reached the Sky; the Best Everyday Book for One-year Olds in the Myra Robertson Baby Book of the Year awards for Choo Choo; 'Parents' Best Book of the Year 2013 for Animal Opposites; shortlisting for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2012 for Puffin Peter; and Picture Book of the Year 2006 for the Dutch edition of A New House for Mouse. Petr tutors aspiring illustrators as well as holding workshops for children at literary festivals, bookshops and schools. He lives in Worcestershire, UK.


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