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32 pages

Pub Date

Aug 7, 2019



Age 3+

The Yum Yum Tree

By Jonnie Wild
Illustrated by Brita Granström

Baby monkey has climbed up the Yum Yum Tree and can't get down... Will the flamingos save the day?

The Yum-Yum Tree reveals a truly sticky situation. Baby monkey has climbed up the high, spiky, sticky trunk and can't get down. Every animal has an idea for coaxing her back to her anxious mother, but the little monkey refuses to move. However, the flamingos have a cunning plan as always…



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"Vibrantly illustrated...a lovely introduction to African animals, with royalties supporting wildlife conservation."

Parents in Touch

"Absolutely bound to induce instant delight is the surprise finale of Johnnie's smashing tale of problem solving and community...Brita's comical illustrations are a treat making every spread a giggle-worthy event for both listeners and adult readers aloud. If you've yet to encounter this particular group of African animals then start here, but be sure to catch up with their previous adventures."

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Brita Granström


Brita Granström's illustrations have won such top awards as the Smarties/Nestlé Silver Award, and the English Association Picture Book Award (no less than five times) and she has been twice shortlisted for the ALMA (Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award). Her most recent book, with her husband Mick Manning, is The History of Prehistory. Brita’s memories of working as a volunteer for a flying doctor in Africa help to give authenticity as well as humour to her illustrations in the Flying Flamingos series. Brita Granström lives in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Jonnie Wild


Jonnie Wild’s interest in conservation was first stimulated by his own children's distress at learning about destruction of the rainforests. He set up the Yorkshire Rainforest project, which planted new forest trees in an Amazon area as big as Yorkshire, and now has similar projects all over the world. He pioneered many environmental projects in the tropics whilst leading his family business – the famous Betty's Tea Rooms and Yorkshire Tea – and he now works with environmental scientists at the University of Leeds, supporting collaborative research and action in conserving forest habitats for the benefit of both animals and humans.


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