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32 pages

Pub Date

Mar 3, 2022



Age 6+


Protect Freshwater to Save Our Earth

By Catherine Barr
Illustrated by Christiane Engel

A ground-breaking global introduction to water that includes sharing and protecting freshwater worldwide

Water is life! Freshwater bubbles, flows and floods with the most wonderful life on Earth - and all of us rely on it to stay alive. BUT today, because of pollution and climate change, it is becoming more and more difficult for people and animals to find the clean freshwater they need to survive. It's time to act! 

Water tells the story of freshwater around the world. Discover the history of water, how the water cycle works, learn about the different kinds of water and about the amazing variety of wildlife that freshwater is home to. Then find out what happens to water because of climate change and global heating; the importance of clean water for health; the worldwide problem of water pollution and the devastating impact of water shortage on children's lives and education. 

Catherine Barr challenges us to take action, to use water wisely and protect freshwater to save our planet.



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"This fascinating and groundbreaking non-fiction book looks at how freshwater affects life, the climate, and our long term survival. With captivating detail and illustrations, interesting fact boxes and clear and concise information and explanation, this hardback sends a strong and positive environmental message. It’s a highly engaging book that children can pore over for days."

Tom Tolkien,
The School Reading List

"..a joyous book: the illustrations splash from the page in a brilliant array of colours, detail and textures; the text, confident and passionate; the intent, urgent and inspiring...  this is the book I would choose if working in Lower Key Stage 2 and teaching young people about the vital importance of water. No-fuss, brightly colourful and engagingly authoritative, it is a gem of recent nonfiction for children."

Just Imagine

“Water is life! I love the purity of this book’s message, which offers a comprehensive introduction to water, essential to sustaining all life on Earth... Visually, this is a striking book and the detailed illustrations immerse the reader in the subject.”

Juno Magazine

WATER Jungle Colouring Sheet


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Catherine Barr


Catherine Barr is the author of many information books, including the bestselling The Story of Life, Catherine has a special talent for books on "big issues for small people". She studied Ecology at Leeds University and worked as a campaigner for Greenpeace. She lives in Herefordshire, England.

Christiane Engel


Christiane Engel grew up in Germany and was always determined to become an artist. She has a BA in children's art and an MA in Children's Illustration. Working on information books, she seeks to present important topics to young children in an engaging, respectful way. She works with soft pencil, acrylics, watercolour and digital media. Her recent books include Dump Truck Disco and the ABC Books for Me series. Christiane lives in Kent, England.


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