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96 pages

Pub Date

May 5, 2021



Age 7+

Being Me

Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings

By Liz Brownlee, Matt Goodfellow and Laura Mucha
Illustrated by Victoria Jane Wheeler

Three gifted poets team up with a collection of poems dealing with worries and anxieties and find ways to develop empathy and mindfulness.

Read about the Land of Blue, where it’s OK to feel sad, find ideas for what to do with worries or how to slow down when your head is full of hurry. Give yourself time to chill out, find quiet voices in noisy places and discover kindness in yourself and others. Then maybe your own special thought machine will tell you, ‘This is going well. You’re doing great. You’ve got this!’ And you have! This important and unique anthology of 45 poems by three leading poets, well known for their empathy and perception, speaks to the heart of what children think and care about, offering understanding, support and encouragement.



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"This is a truly stunning collection of poignant, powerful poems by three outstanding poets, illustrated by Victoria Jane Wheeler… each and every poem is a real gem. I cannot recommend this collection highly enough."

North Somerset Teachers' Book Award

"Forty-five new poems confront anxieties and worries, helping with ways to develop empathy and mindfulness."

Fiona Noble - The Bookseller

"Such a useful anthology to have in class to spark discussion and raise awareness of the lived experiences of others as well as support children’s development of emotional literacy and empathy...Perfect for children throughout Key Stage 2."

Literacy Tree


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Liz Brownlee


Liz Brownlee is a poet, performer and film-maker. Much of her work is about animals and she is a frequent visitor to schools with her guidance dog, Lola. She recently collaborated with Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens on the acclaimed collection The Same Inside, poems about empathy and friendship. She lives in Bristol.

Matt Goodfellow


Matt Goodfellow trained as a primary school teacher and still works part-time in schools in addition to his highly popular, high-energy performances and workshops. He is particularly concerned to write verse for children in a way which effortlessly combines learning, confidence and entertainment for young readers. He lives in Manchester.

Laura Mucha


Laura Mucha is an award-winning poet, author and speaker. She has won two international poetry prizes (the Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2016 and the inaugural YorkMix Poems for Children 2019), and her effervescent and thought-provoking poems have been published around the world. She also writes for adults, and her debut book Love Factually/We Need to Talk About Love was published in 2019. Dear Ugly Sisters is her first book for children. Laura lives with her husband and son in London.

Victoria Jane Wheeler


Victoria Jane Wheeler has been a creative practitioner at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. She is currently visiting lecturer in Fashion and Design at the University of Chester and Liverpool Hope University. Her work has been widely exhibited in the north-west of the UK, including Manchester Art Gallery. She lives near Manchester, UK.


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