Sep 7, 2022

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Age 3+

Eco Girl

By Ken Wilson-Max

One little girl’s bond with the Baobab trees in her local forest shows how even young children can help to look after trees.

Eve loves all the trees in the forest near her home. She feels their magic, but her favourite is the Baobab tree. If only she could talk to the trees! Then, on a birthday visit to Grandma, deep in the forest, Eve gets a magical surprise. What could it be? It’s something that Eve must take care of, something that will connect her for ever with the forest she loves. Happy birthday, Eco Girl!

An inspirational and heart-warming book for younger children that shows the importance of looking after the trees in our world.


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Ken Wilson-Max

Author and Illustrator

Ken Wilson-Max was born in Zimbabwe. He came to the UK to study design and ended up working in children's publishing. His first book was published in 1993 and since then there have been many, including The Big Yellow Taxi, Little Red Plane, and the Lenny and Max series. As well as being a leading graphic designer, he is the publisher of Chicken! a newspaper which introduces current affairs to primary school children. He spends much time visiting schools and libraries, creating workshops and delivering exhibitions. He calls this "a great part of my job, the place where I learn the most". Ken Wilson Max lives in north London.


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