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Nominated for the Yoto Carnegie Greenaway Awards 2022
Endorsed by Amnesty International







32 pages

Pub Date

Oct 7, 2020



Age 6+


The Story of Daphne Caruana Galizia

By Gattaldo

The life of this heroic woman journalist is an inspiration for people of all ages.

Daphne had a happy childhood on the island of Malta. A lover of books, she always wanted to become a journalist. As a teenager, she joined in peaceful protests about the way her country was being mis-managed. Daphne’s news stories uncovered organised crime and political corruption on an international scale. Her enemies tried to stop her in every way they could, but she refused to give up.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed by a car bomb on 16 October 2017. If her enemies thought that would be the end of her story, they were wrong. Her battle for honesty and justice in public life has become a vibrant example for everyone who believes in the rule of law and the victory of truth over concealment and lies.



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“This book powerfully captures Daphne’s story of incredible courage and persistence, and will inspire the next generation to continue her fight for truth and justice.”

Rebecca Vincent - Reporters without Borders

"It coruscates in the way it tells this true story. At once there is a deep, strongly-felt passion for the woman that shines out brightly...there is also - not overtly, but still there below the surface - the roaring anger about how something so good and beautiful could be taken from us. Become friends with the book, listen to the truth of its message, hold this story in your hands and your heart."

A Few to Read

"A picture book that reminds me why we need picture books: to tell stories about inspirational people. This story...will stay with me for a long time."

Jo Bowers - Associate Dean, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Fearless Teachers' Notes


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Author and Illustrator

Gattaldo was born in Malta and became an internationally-known art director
and designer. A friend of Daphne’s, he decided to write this book after telling
her story to his own nephews and nieces. It is his first book for children.
Gattaldo has homes in North London and Malta.


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