198 x 129mm



Jan 19, 2023

Pub Date



Age 7+

Selfies With Komodos

By Brian Moses
Illustrated by Ed Boxall

A sparkling new collection from a leading children's poet

Oh, Komodo, no, Komodo,

if what I hear is true,

nothing but another Komodo

should risk getting close to you!

Every day is an adventure in this brilliant, eagerly awaited collection from one of the UK’s best loved poets. Find cats, dogs and dragons, a rock'n'roll iguana and the Rescue Centre for Mythical Beasts. Take the night train to Transylvania, learn to fly or send a postcard from Pluto – but never take a selfie with a Komodo!


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Ed Boxall


Ed Boxall's website is well worth a visit for everyone with an interest in home schooling and keeping children interested (and informed) while having to remain inside.

Brian Moses


Brian Moses is one of Britain’s favourite children’s poets and he is featured on the National Poetry Archive. He has written more than 200 books and has sold over 1 million of his poetry books and anthologies. He began writing poems when he realised he would never be a rock star! ‘I put the guitar to one side, but the songs carried on and became poems’. He has now performed his poetry and percussion show in over three thousand schools across the UK and Europe. His poetry books include Behind the Staffroom Door: The Very Best of Brian Moses, A Cat Called Elvis and The Monster Sale. He lives in Burwash, East Sussex. Brian blogs regularly about his work: brian-moses.blogspot.com.


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