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290 x 250mm


96 pages

Pub Date

Sep 7, 2023



Age 6+

The Star Whale

By Nicola Davies
Illustrated by Petr Horáček

Forty fantastic poems and paintings from an internationally acclaimed duo, celebrating our beautiful planet

Discover a pangolin at dusk, fly on the bat’s back, visit a lion and hear about his plight; try the moth alphabet tongue-twister, meet fighting Tazzies on a night out in Tasmania or dream about the five-legged dog and three-legged cat! Then find out about real, huge Titanosaurus and amazing Coelacanths. You might spot a kingfisher, that ‘small glint of wonder’, and see how ‘wild reclaims the world’ in the urban night-time.

These beautiful poems are perfectly melded with Petr Horáček’s gorgeous, glowing paintings and the combination is extraordinary – passionate, playful, thoughtful and exciting. Like the goldfinch in the final poem, this wonderful book will ‘set the heart free and flying’.



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"Horacek’s richly coloured paintings inspired Davies to write 40 poems about animals, from rollicking couplets to wonder-filled lyricism. Together, they form a passionate, magical love letter to nature."

Nicolette Jones - The Sunday Times - Best Children's Books for 2023


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Nicola Davies


Nicola is renowned for her work in describing, evoking and celebrating the natural world. Davies trained as a zoologist and worked as a presenter for the BBC Natural History Unit before becoming a writer. She has written more than 85 books for children, fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and is published in more than 12 different languages. Her work has won awards around the world and she was the first recipient of the SLA’s award for Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Non Fiction. Her recent work includes collections of poems about the climate crisis ‘This Is How The Change Begins’, and refugees, ’Choose Love’, both for adults and older children, and YA novels The Song That Sings Us (nominated for the Yoto Carniege) and Skrimsli! (2023). She lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Petr Horáček

Author and Illustrator

Petr Horáček was born in Prague and studied at the Academy of Fine Art. After graduating in 1994, he moved to live in England. His first two picture books were published in 2001, winning the 'Books for Children' Newcomer award. Since then he has won a string of other international prizes and distinctions, including shortlisting for the Independent Booksellers Week book award in 2016 for The Mouse Who Reached the Sky; the Best Everyday Book for One-year Olds in the Myra Robertson Baby Book of the Year awards for Choo Choo; 'Parents' Best Book of the Year 2013 for Animal Opposites; shortlisting for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2012 for Puffin Peter; and Picture Book of the Year 2006 for the Dutch edition of A New House for Mouse. Petr tutors aspiring illustrators as well as holding workshops for children at literary festivals, bookshops and schools. He lives in Worcestershire, UK.


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