Feb 2, 2017

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Age 7+

Where Zebras Go

By Sue Hardy-Dawson

An exciting debut collection from an up-and-coming poet, covering wide-ranging themes with humour and fun.

'Where the elephants leave their bones
where gazelle and bison follow
where the great Sirocco blows
where the rains go – zebra goes'

Get ready to join in the Poetry Olympics, question a snake, talk to a toad and learn 20 ways to avoid monsters and mythical beasts.

Where Zebras Go will lead you leads you on a magical journey across the savannah, into fairytale realms, back into the playground and through the seasons, introducing a whole host of animals along the way. This is a diverse and exciting debut collection by a poet who performs regularly in schools across the country.


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"Infused in places with a wry humour...an unusual debut that can genuinely be described as a page-turner."

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Sue Hardy-Dawson


Sue Hardy-Dawson is a Yorkshire born poet, artist, and illustrator, and has been widely published in children’s poetry anthologies. Before becoming a poet she had worked with children for over twenty years. In 2014 she was highly commended for the Manchester Writing for Children Prize. When not writing or drawing she likes to visit schools and also been commissioned to provide workshops for the Prince of Wales Foundation for Children and the Arts. She is dyslexic and takes a special interest in encouraging reluctant readers and writers.


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